PotNetwork Inc.

PotNetwork.com is a cutting-edge cannabis digital business and financial website, publishing cannabis business news, stock information, interviews, and more.

The Pulse of the Cannabis Industry.

PotNetwork.com is a cutting-edge cannabis digital business magazine, publishing up-to-date business news, stock information, interviews, and and more. PotNetwork.com operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company; a media resource providing a full range of industry related topics.

A Growing Voice for Cannabis Businesses.

With over 150 articles published monthly, and a new video news series, PotNetwork is poised to become the leading cannabis business publication, covering stocks, businesses, and interviews with leading entrepreneurs and market movers.

A Cannabis Network and Platform for Business.

PotNetwork is growing a wide network of businesses to encourage collaboration, growth, and marketing within the B2B cannabis industry.

Every Cannabis Vertical Under One Roof.

PotNetwork aims to become the leading voice and communication platform for businesses in every cannabis vertical. From marketing and production to recreational marijuana and CBD, PotNetwork covers every angle of the booming cannabis industry.

Other Subsidiaries

Meds Biotech

Meds Biotech offers high-quality CBD products specially formulated by pharmacists. Aimed at the medical industry, including pharmacies and doctors, Meds Biotech is positioning itself in this growing CBD vertical.

First Capital Venture

First Capital Ventures, Inc. is focused on the advanced research and production of the industry's finest premium hemp extracts, primarily Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, and in then making them available to the global marketplace.

MediPets, Inc

MediPets Inc. manufactures, distributes, and sells a variety of CBD products for dogs and cats oriented at the large pet industry market.

Grinders Distribution

Grinders Distribution is dedicated to the distribution of high-quality griders throughout all 50 states.